About Hugo


Hybrid Hugo, Classic Beat DJ, plays classical music with a beat, for receptions, parties and events. He has developed his own style to make classical music more accessible for a wider audience. He mixes classical music with contemporary sounds. The result is a refreshing mix.
Hybrid Hugo is the DJ you want when you need atmospheric background music.

How did it all start?
Hybrid Hugo is the artist name of Hugo van Rooij. He and his brother Piet started the largest discotheque in the south of The Netherlands.
This most famous discotheque named Hollywood lasted from september 1978 till april 2002, almost 25 years!
During those years they recieved famous artists like The Trammps, The Sugar Hill Gang, Percy Sledge, La Toya Jackson and Karen Young.
During those years Hugo was the discjockey and he gained a lot of experience with disco music, soul, rock and roll and even house music.

What is the result?
The older he gets, the more he becomes interested in real classical music. He visited concerts in The Netherlands and abroad and he thought there had to be a way to attract the youngsters to listen to classical music.
He bought a bunch of digital equipment and started to experiment, mixing classical and modern music. He spent thousands of hours to optimize his new musical style.
He performed on the Artists Event in Eindhoven, and also in a few famous restaurants instead of the standard piano player with his standard background music.